Three little words.  Barely enough to make a sentence.  But for a mission statement, it’s a huge mouthful:  “Change the world!”

Right from the beginning, we felt that our team, our platform, and our efforts should aim to accomplish a higher cause.

Believe me, there were skeptics.  Even the first coders we first hired could barely contain dubious snorts when we told them world change was our goal.  And who could blame them?  Some of these guys had built websites for global banks, coded for some corporate heavy hitters.

But within hours after launching our first game and the site was going wild with amazing activity, one of those skeptical techies called us, screaming over the phone, “Are you looking at the site!  Oh my God, you guys were right!  We’re changing the world!”

And that’s why, after all these years, we keep at it.  Each time we launch a Nuvana game, we see the incredible effect of individuals and communities making an impact on each other and the world around them.  What’s become clear and why our aphorism reads:  “Change behavior – change the world!” – is that powerful and lasting change in the real world comes about because of human actions.  And to create action where there has previously been inertia, you have to change behavior.

That’s what the Nuvana tool is all about:  changing behavior.  We use it to engage the failing student in a subject she previously hated.  We use it to change the eating habits of an obese individual.  We use it to encourage the researcher to share best practices and collaborate with someone he previously thought was a competitor.  We use it to gather apathetic residents and turn them into concerned citizens that work together to improve their community.

What behaviors are you looking to change?  What actions are you looking to provoke?  What will the world look like and how much better will it be when you transform it?

That’s why we named the company Nuvana.  It’s the new Nirvana that we all make together.

—  JvK

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