The Best Game Platform


When we began designing the Nuvana MVP (Mega-Versatile Platform), we spent a lot of time looking at one game platform that had a lot of the features we wanted to embed in our product.  The more we looked at it, the more we saw design genius.

It is:

  •          Inexpensive
  •          Supports individual and group play
  •          So simple, it never comes with instructions
  •          Yet generates thousands of different games
  •          Can be played for win state
  •          Or can be played for non-quantified amusement
  •          Playable by all ages – from toddlers to adults
  •          Male and female friendly
  •          Creates social networks
  •          But also suitable for solitary use
  •          Builds math skills
  •          Sharpens memory functions
  •          Is small and exceedingly mobile
  •          So indestructible and foolproof, makes “Help Desk” unnecessary
  •          Access to technology not a barrier, yet —
  •          Excellent for desktop and mobile conditions
  •          Easily adapted to myriad graphic designs
  •          Can support branding or advertising (on flip side)

What’s this awesome platform?


  •          Oh, and it’s adaptable for real world activities too…

Hopefully, the Nuvana MVP is as fully featured.

—  JvK

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